‘Word Connection’ Translation Skills Training

Affordable remote learning for translators who want to stand out from the crowd

Word Connection delivers polished Japanese translation and localization services, to an international client base.

We built our impressive reputation through providing exceptional Japanese translations before branching out into other markets, and our work in this area remains a source of immense pride.

To support our trusted team of Japanese linguists, we provide low-cost monthly training opportunities that nurture the talent of our translators, and help them consistently deliver outstanding work to our clients.

These remote learning opportunities are also available to freelance translators who aren’t part of the Word Connection family, providing them the chance to learn a diverse range of new skills at an affordable price.

July Session

For our July session, we’ll be providing an Introduction to Human Powered Medical Translation for Japanese translators.

Read on to discover the full scope of this exciting event…

What: Human Powered Medical Translation
When: Saturday 11th July 2020 @ 19.30
How: Delivered via Zoom
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 3960 Yen (with a massive 30% discount for Word Connection translators)


Despite the rising popularity of machine translation, human translators are still very much in demand.

This three hour training session, delivered by Zoom, is designed to support professionals who don’t rely on machine translation and who wish to continue providing a friendly, thoughtful and intelligent human service.

Session content

This unique training opportunity is split into three areas:

  • How to Zoom like a pro 
  • How to Read a Medical Thesis with Ease 
  • Putting it into Practice (a hands-on medical article translation workshop)

How to Zoom like a pro

Medical TranslationMost of us are confident with using Zoom as a simple video conferencing tool, but the app has so much more to offer for translators communicating remotely with clients.

This session is packed with tips and tricks to make Zoom work harder for your freelance translation business, covering topics such as:

  • How to use multiple lines
  • How to use multiple screens
  • Linking with virtual camera software
  • How to make Zoom more secure
  • Working with collaboration tools like Miro and Google Docs
  • Integrating Zoom with Google Calendar
  • Using global shortcuts And much more…

How to Read A Medical Thesis with Ease

A lecture by Tazuko Nishimura, PhD, MPH, RN

Medical TranslationDelivered by Tazuko Nishimura, PhD, MPH, RN, this lecture will help translators understand health information and research methods when reading a medical thesis, along with becoming proficient in recognising common words and phrases found in this type of text.

Tazuko Nishimura earned her PhD in medical journalism from the International University of Health and Welfare, MPH from the University of Tokyo, and RN in Chiba University. She is now a respected medical writer, translator, and researcher for a number of high-profile companies and academic institutions.

Putting it into Practice (a hands-on medical article translation workshop)

In this practical interactive workshop for both beginners and advanced Japanese translators, participants will review a short media article related to healthcare that they’ve prepared in advance.

Working through this 500 word piece to provide corrections and suggestions, the course leader will also explain the difference between popular translation techniques, offer tips on how to translate headlines and content effectively in this field, and discuss the effective use of conjunction to enhance cohesiveness in Japanese writing.

Learning will be backed up with concrete examples.

To secure your place on this unique training opportunity…

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