Word Connection Japon, partenaire officiel de PRESS Co., Ltd

Nous sommes particulièrement heureux de notre récent partenariat avec la société japonaise PRESS CO.Ltd. Cette collaboration étroite nous permet de faire bénéficier nos clients d'une expertise reconnue au Japon dans le secteur de l'édition, de la rédaction et du copywriting. Pour sceller cette alliance, Word Connection Japon a emménagé au siège de Press Co. , dans l'arrondissement Shinjuku-ku à Tokyo.

La société PRESS CO., Ltd

Fondée en 1979, PRESS CO., Ltd est basée à Tokyo, dans le district de Waseda. Cette société d'édition et de publication est reconnue pour la qualité de ses services de rédaction, de réécriture, de relecture et de publication numérique. Une équipe de 20 experts, assistée de plus de 100 collaborateurs extérieurs, est spécialisée dans l'édition et la relecture de livres, magazines, mangas, brochures et contenus numériques. Leurs services créatifs incluent la rédaction et la réécriture d'ouvrages, interviews, articles, ainsi que des prestations PAO, transcriptions et voice-overs. De nombreuses maisons d'édition japonaises font appel aux compétences de PRESS CO., Ltd, qui est également responsable de EU MAG, le principal site d'informations et d'actualités de l'Union Européenne au Japon.

Quels bénéfices pour les clients de Word Connection ?

We can now bring the PRESS Co., Ltd proofreading expertise and creative writing skills to all Word Connection clients. English, French and German project managers, working in the European time zone, speak your language and will continue to coordinate your projects. Your texts and content will be translated and localised to the highest standards, as always. But now, all copy can be proofread and edited by Japanese professionals. Where creative input would be advantageous, talented Japanese writers will create superior publications and content for you. In addition, PRESS Co., Ltd can conduct and transcribe interviews and can produce the perfect voiceovers for video productions.

Relecture et révision, des étapes indispensables

They say that the devil is in the detail, and it really is! Any texts or content should be edited to ensure that it is well-structured, consistent and factually correct. Editors will also assess copy for clarity, logical argument and repetition while considering both tone and style. Proofreaders analyse edited texts to identify spelling mistakes, poor grammar, typos and punctuation errors. Edited copy will be consistent and will feature the smooth transitions which ensure that it is easy to read. Your messages will boast instant appeal and more immediate impact.

Rédaction de microcopy

Microcopy can make or break any digital content. Microcopy refers to the small elements of copy, including action buttons and input fields in forms. It’s the detail that is related to actions which users take. Microcopy may appear to be insignificant but as it relates to a reader’s motivation to act and the instructions for taking actions, it is a crucial element of your content. PRESS Co., Ltd experts ensure that microcopy is optimised to promote positive engagement and that it is expressed in an appropriate tone.

A propos de poésie

Most organisations have a mission statement. In Japan, these are poems. All companies boast a poetic mission statement, and a business is unlikely to gain any traction without one. The poems relate to the feel and character of a product or service. Therefore, they should be beautifully phrased, refined and visually appealing. PRESS Co., Ltd have many talented creative writers that can compose the perfect poem to market your product or service. The unique words will attract attention to your brand and communicate your sincerity. On behalf of PRESS Co., Ltd and Word Connection, we look forward to serving you and your company’s needs as well as supporting our employees in the pursuit of their career goals.

Word Connection Japon

Notre adresse au Japon est désormais : 6F Tojyuso Bldg, 337 Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

  • M. Yuichi Okumura
  • Président de PRESS Co., Ltd

M. Yuichi Okumura

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