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Retaining the unique character of your original words, our translation and localisation services deliver content that boasts significant impact in your target market.

Tailored to your Japanese audience, your messages will hit home, enabling your brand to gain traction in Japan. Our talented team can overcome the many obstacles to successful content translation. They will craft accurate, highly readable text that truly resonates.

The importance of appropriate digital content

Research has shown that readers are far more likely to react positively to online content that is presented in their native language. Even when they are fluent in another.

Appropriately localised content offers even greater appeal. Readers quickly decide whether to trust and engage with content or to seek information elsewhere.

Much can be lost in translation. Our skilled professionals demonstrate that much can also be gained.

The unique challenges of translating digital content

There’s no doubt that digital content presents many challenges to translators, whether they are working on websites, social media posts or e learning resources. Our experts are well-practised in overcoming them all.

The need for speed

Websites must be updated quickly and frequently. This is particularly problematic when every update requires translation and localisation. Social media posts are incredibly time sensitive and amendments to any content may be required at short notice.

Finding the words that fit

The translation of content isn’t simply a matter of finding the right words. It is also the art of summoning the words which can be accommodated within the confines of the design.

Given the inevitable time constraints and the limits of any budget, websites cannot be endlessly redesigned to accommodate translated copy. In addition, content must be crafted to work on a variety of devices and apps.

Distinct and yet unified

Content for a global market must be created so as to retain its essence while appealing to different audiences. It should be at once unified and culturally distinct. It must be written to resonate with conflicting cultures while not disrupting the integrity of the message or the identity of the brand.

Linguistic and technical accuracy

Linguistic accuracy and technical precision are both essential when translating content. Remaining clear and concise is paramount. But technical content is often the enemy of clarity and brevity.

Idioms, buzz words and humour

Buzz words, idioms and even a little humour can banish blandness from copy and engage an audience. But these are the very elements of any content which are the most difficult to translate appropriately.

Phrases that connect with readers in one country could mystify those in another. Literal translations may even offend a new audience. Buzz words can lose their …! All languages and cultures are nuanced. The perfect words can quickly become entirely the wrong words.

Word Connection Japalization

Our project managers and translators are used to demanding schedules. They understand the unique challenges of online content and they boast specialist industry knowledge. They will give you localised content that is a perfect fit for your brand and the platform concerned. Your new audience will understand the meaning and the character of your words. They will identify with you and they will keep coming back.

Our team understands your business and the specifics of your industry. They ensure that they keep up to date with changes to regulations and guidelines and research new developments in your sector. You can expect accurate and compliant translations of digital content.

Original content with Press Inc.

Perhaps your requirements extend beyond translation and localisation. If what you really need is completely new, original and creative content in Japanese, Courtesy of our partnership with Press Inc., we can provide this. The talented writers, editors and proofreaders could work their magic to give you the benefit of unrivalled Japanese content.

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